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Our content marketing system provides a package of multiple search-engine-friendly websites that build your brand and give you effective web exposure at a reasonable cost that requires minimal time and effort by you!

Can be used as stand-alone web presence that generates its own leads or if you already have another website is best used to help strengthen the branding and search positions of and direct traffic to your current website.

If you are considering marketing your services on the Internet, why not have the #1 web presence in your area?

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Why? Quick List Of Top Features

  1. Unique, proven effective customizable designs. Click Here for samples.

  2. Carefully designed to accepted standards for usability and "stickyness". These websites are proven successful!

  3. The information the public is looking for. Click Here to learn more!

  4. Keyword Targeting. Before we build any web site we do research to ensure that the area the Realtor wishes to cover is actually searched for in the major search engines and determine which keywords are used during these searches. Only if traffic warrants will we produce a site covering that market area.

  5. Ongoing search engine optimization.

  6. Interactive lead-capturing tools. Click Here to learn more!

  7. Multiple web sites building your brand and generating leads for you. Click Here to learn more!

  8. Low all-inclusive price that includes ongoing updating! Click Here to learn more!

Why Not! Have the #1 web presence in your market area!

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* Satisfaction is guaranteed! You can discontinue the service at any time without penalty if you are not satisfied. That gives us great incentive to ensure that you are!


About this Realtor Website System

Back in 1994 when the World Wide Web was still young and I was a Realtor, I saw the potential in promoting my services on the internet - and since there was no such thing as a "webmaster" back then I built my own internet site. Within a week I had my first lead from the web site and I was hooked!

In 1997 Realtors in other areas were reading about the success I was having and asked if I could duplicate the success for them - and I have been doing it ever since. In 2001, after a dozen years as a Realtor, I left real estate so I could concentrate all of my attention on the ever-changing web business to ensure that my Realtor clients continued enjoying success on the internet. What I do is provide agents with a website system that has been personalized just for them with flexible formats that have proven successful in placing well in major search engines (which is how prospects find Realtors on the internet) and have proven successful in generating leads as well. The web sites are constantly being "tweaked" to accommodate changes with search engine algorithms and also to incorporate new ideas once they have proven successful.

This system was set up with average real estate agents in mind who want results but have modest promotional budgets and who want to spend their time selling real estate and not sitting in front of a computer all day. Realtors pay only a low setup fee and an all-inclusive monthly fee which includes hosting, making changes, and ongoing search engine optimization. All you have to do is respond to the leads, follow up, and sell houses!

Satisfaction is guaranteed! You can discontinue the service at any time without penalty if you are not satisfied. That gives us great incentive to ensure that you are!

Doug Towes

Doug Toews
Former Realtor and Founder of RNC Internet Services
Visit my blog about Real Web Results - Producing and Promoting Websites For Realtors

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Our package of Realtor Websites generally appeals to those Realtors who would rather spend their time cultivating new clients and closing sales contracts than spending hours learning SEO and working on their website - but they still want to be found in searches for real estate in their area to increase their recognition in their marketplace and generate business from the web. Our managed system allows them to do that!

What makes our websites for Realtors effective?

The Sales and Marketing Elements

The result? Real Estate Web sites that work!  

If you are considering marketing your services on the Internet, why not have the #1 web presence in your area? For more information or to reserve your market area, please visit our pricing page.

How Has Internet Marketing For REALTORS Changed?

The success of any real estate website used to be largely determined by the site's search engine visibility. It was a level playing field in that an individual agent's website could compete for search engine placement with the large national or local brands.

As long as the site had certain elements search engines did not really care whether the site belonged to a well known brand or a teenager half way around the world. The top 10 results belonged to those who optimized their code, content, and links.

That has all changed.

For real estate sites targeting competitive search terms success is now determined by the strength of the brand.

Our branded content marketing product is designed to help build your personal brand.

Web Promotional System For The Non-Do-It-Yourselfer

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