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If you are considering marketing your services on the Internet, why not have the #1 web presence in your area?


Standard Promotion Package

Primary Website

Two mini-sites

Photo Listing in two SEO friendly Realtor directories

$89.00 per month plus $59 setup fee

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Enhanced Promotion Package

Sorry, the Enhanced Package is no longer available.

Primary Website

Showcase Listings System

Four mini-sites

Exclusive Market Area

$125.00 per month plus $99.00 setup fee

Real estate is local. Changes is search engine ranking algorithms affecting REALTOR websites in competitive markets now require a “brand” to be well known in the local community being served in order to be worthy of consideration by search engines for better search engine placement.

Can be used as stand-alone web presence that generates its own leads or if you already have another website is best used to help strengthen the branding and search positions of and direct traffic to your current website.

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