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Our format has been redesigned to be mobile device friendly with no flash animations.

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  • Our designs are unique in the market that they serve. This encourages prospective buyers and sellers to visit our sites instead of one of the dozens of competing cookie cutter sites which all appear similar to visitors.

    Our designs are built with the consumer in mind and contain the information the public is looking for as well as effective lead capture tools. Of course, all this is worthless if no one ever sees your site - so we place very high priority in ongoing search engine positioning for all of our sites! Why take the chance with a new custom designed site when these designs are already proven to place well in the major search engines and produce leads?

    As mentioned elsewhere, participants enjoy multiple web sites for the price of one. The formats shown below are for the primary website. The formats for the other web sites are not intended to be customized or changed aside from agent and local information as that would impact their ability to place well in search engines and be quickly updated for changes in search engine algorithms. To see what the mini sites look like, click here!

    *Different color schemes can be used and pages can be added or removed to reflect you and your business.

    We customize your web site
    so that it reflects you and your business!

    For more information or to reserve your market area, please visit our pricing page.

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